Blue Ridge BBQ

By Nathan Hunzeker

Who am I?

I am Nathan Hunzeker, and I can't wait to share my enthusiasm for everything BBQ. I enjoy all types of outdoor cooking, and hope that we can connect to share and discuss such things.
My family and I have settled in the beautiful countryside just East of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range in Central Virginia.
Please join us in our journey to mouth-watering food cooked from the beautiful outdoors.

My BBQ experience

​I am a BBQ enthusiast. I started smoking meat about 10 years ago in Nebraska with some of the "finest" BBQ Chefs I knew (my friends). They had years of contest experience, and I have learned numerous tips and tricks from them.
For several years we would gather together to participate in our own small BBQ contest of 10-12 teams. These were experiences that I loved, and will always cherish.
I have cooked 1000's of dishes indoors and outdoors ranging from all types of smoked meats, grilled food, family recipes, classic dishes, and original creations.
I am excited to share my good and bad experiences do what I love. See you at the pit!